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The Roosevelt Aquamarine

17 Mar / 17
The Roosevelt Aquamarine
When it comes to giving gifts from leaders of one nation to another, there have certainly been some very extravagant and impressive examples through the years. But, if you love jewellery and gemstones like we do, then you will probably find the Roosevelt Aquamarine among the very most fascinating.

In 1936, the President of Brazil was to be visited by the President of the United States. When President Vargas was introduced to the First Lady of the US, Eleanor Roosevelt, he presented her with a gift. The visit, it should be noted, was a part of a much larger tour of South America by the US President and his wife, referred to as the Good Neighbor Cruise.

Within the box handed to Mrs. Roosevelt was a massive uncut and unpolished aquamarine weighing in at more than one and a quarter kilograms. The gemstone was very specifically selected, as aquamarine was long thought to bring good luck and safety when travelling on water. It made a very fitting and very stunning gift for the woman embarking on a Good Neighbor Cruise.

Upon returning from the cruise, the Roosevelts had it cut and polished. This resulted in two stones of impressive size. The largest, which has been displayed by the Franklin D. Roosevelt library for public viewing, carried a final weight of 1298 carats. Once cut and polished, the stone was fitted with a finely crafted, solid wood box, designed to perfectly showcase the stone when left open.

Needless to say, even the luckiest March babies arenít likely to be gifted with a birthstone of this caliber. Fortunately, there are aquamarine jewellery pieces to fit nearly every budget. So, you can give the perfect birthday gift this month. If you are in the market for just that, then you should definitely take a look at this aquamarine octagon pendant.

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