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The World’s Most Expensive Bikini Worth $30 Million

25 Aug / 10
The World’s Most Expensive Bikini Worth $30 Million
One the most successful golfers of all time, the world’s highest paid professional athlete, Tiger Woods, completes his divorce and then buys $30 million dollar bikini. Who do you think will be the lucky girl?

Tiger Woods officially dissolved his marriage with Elin Nordegren the other day in Panama City. “We are sad that our marriage is over, and we wish each other the very best for the future,’’ said the broken couple in a joint statement released by their lawyers.

OK, so right after the divorce Mr. Woods went to a private jewellery dealer in Jupiter Island and bought these absolutely stunning pieces of lingerie, designed by Susan Rosen, for the whopping $30 million! Susan Rosen has always been one of the best-kept secrets among New York fashion editors, Hollywood Stylists and PGA Golfers. Now the designer has won fame as the designer of history’s most expensive piece of clothing ever made!

Featuring 150 carats of flawless white diamonds set in platinum, the luxurious lingerie has already produced media waves from Japan to Jamaica. The bikini includes a 51 carat pear-shaped diamond, a 30 carat emerald cut, a pair of 15 carat round cut and a pair of 8 carat pear-shaped diamonds. All the stones are set in platinum.

So who of Tiger Woods’ mistresses will be the proud owner of the $30 Million Bikini? There is no telling, although a speculation exists that Tiger might have purchased it for Molly Slims, who is single now. And the bikini already fits her, does it not?
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