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Ultimate Engagement Ring Search for the World’s Best Couple

21 Oct / 10
Ultimate Engagement Ring Search for the World’s Best Couple
The gorgeous 22-carat diamond engagement ring on Kim Kardashian's finger is not another engagement ring for this American socialite and celebutante... the ring can be yours! The reality TV star has joined forces with LA-based jeweller, Kiwi Michael Hill, to launch “The Ultimate Engagement Ring Search for The World’s Best Couple”, a competition that culminates in Chicago. The winner will receive the Ultimate Engagement Ring, a stunning 22.25 carat princess cut diamond set in platinum, designed by Michael Hill Jewelers.

“I’ve never met a jeweller who was willing to give away a 22 carat diamond ring to a couple that he feels like is just truly, genuinely in love,” said Kardashian at the competition’s launch in Rockefeller Center. No doubt, that having a celebrity like Kardashian publicise this campaign will contribute a lot to its promotion, and Mr. Hill admitted he was willing to pay good money to have her promote it.

“I thought this was really sweet. I am a hopeless romantic so the fact that he is willing to gift this diamond ring is kind of outrageous. I think anyone would want this; any girl would want this,” Kardashian said.

Hill believes that the contest will help improve the Michael Hill International (MHI) diamond jewellery and fine jewellery business, specifically in the USA where making sales has been a bit difficult. “We have a very high profile obviously in Australia, but not up here," Hill had to say at the New York Launch.

Registration to the Ultimate Engagement Ring Search for the World’s Best Couple is now open to any couples in the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, where the two are over the age 18.

"The contest is open for couples whether engaged, married or even just romantically inclined to enter," says Michael Hill.
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