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What Will Celebrities be wearing on the Red Carpet this Weekend

20 Feb / 13
What Will Celebrities be wearing on the Red Carpet this Weekend
If itís left up to Rio Tinto Diamonds, they will want all the big name celebrities to wear the companyís stunning pieces of Argyle diamond jewellery collection. The company has recently started making a hard push to bring awareness of their affordable and versatile pieces of Argyle diamonds so consumers can see for themselves just how stunning these diamond jewellery pieces are to wear and own.

One of the fine pieces of diamond jewellery that the company will be hoping to land around someoneís lucky neck during the Oscars Awards show that will be taking place this Sunday will be the pictured Bulles de Champagne Collier. The diamond mining company is currently actively seeking out a support network of their clients to help promote a special promotional campaign during Oscar week.

Particularly the company wants to bring awareness of their Argyle diamond jewellery brand to the U.S. audience as the company is seeking out not only famous celebrities who will be walking the red carpet but they are looking for people who will be presenters, nominees, and others like reporters who will be taking part in the festivities. There will be a total of 12 pieces of diamond jewellery with the goal squarely being set to make everyone who will be watching the show get a better understanding of the value and beauty of Argyle Diamonds.
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