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What to Expect With Diamond Jewellery Trends-2014

31 Dec / 13
What to Expect With Diamond Jewellery Trends-2014
2014 will certainly bring new fashion trends for those looking to put their unique touch on the gemstone and diamond jewellery industry. During the previous yearís top movie stars and royal aristocrats marked a major influence on what people wanted when it came to diamond jewellery, especially diamond engagement rings. Women saw that the stars where turning to larger, fancy coloured diamonds earlier in 2013 and they began to show interest in these glamorous fancy coloured diamond as well.

So what about 2014, what will be the trend with diamonds, especially diamond engagement rings? Whilst it is still difficult to predict certainly larger diamonds are going to continue to be in fashion during the early part of 2014. When selecting a centre piece diamond for your engagement ring you want to begin your search with a one carat stone or larger, and then work your way up from there. There are many quality 2 carat diamonds and larger that are very affordable and they look amazing in a variety of different settings.

Also, you can expect higher quality 18K white gold and platinum settings will certainly continue to be popular in 2014. Couples are looking for quality, unique and affordability when they are shopping for diamond jewellery. Here at Diamond Rocks thatís exactly what we offer all our customers. If you are looking for the latest trends in diamond jewellery contact us today, we would love to discuss all your options when it comes to diamond jewellery!
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