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Sapphires have grown substantially in popularity in recent years. Much of this increased popularity is being attributed to the millennial generation’s take on ...
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If you want to impress your fourteen year old friends, one of the best ways to do so is to be at the centre of international news coverage. It is likely that t...
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After a day of swimming and suntanning by the pool, your friends may just want to take the party to the pub. So, how do you make the transition without a compl...
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Long ago, one of the most valued pieces in a woman's jewellery box was the brooch. The fortunate had many of these to be warn for special occasions or whenever...
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In an effort to stand up for a great cause, the Beauty and the Beast star, actress Emma Watson has opted to wear only eco-friendly materials while on a promotio...
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If you love living vicariously through the UK royal family, then you will very likely be envious of the young Meghan Markle, who has snagged the attention and (...
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There has been very exciting news out of Sierra Leone lately. A very large diamond has been unearthed. This is not all together unusual, but what does make it...
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The world’s youngest prospector found gold on his own property. That sentence may sound a bit misleading, but it was a mere infant who led to the discovery o...
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Sotheby’s Auction House is making headlines again. That is not a rare occurrence. This company is well known for handling and selling some of the finest gemst...
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