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Weird & Wonderful

If you want to impress your fourteen year old friends, one of the best ways to do so is to be at the centre of international news coverage. It is likely that t...
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There has been very exciting news out of Sierra Leone lately. A very large diamond has been unearthed. This is not all together unusual, but what does make it...
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The world’s youngest prospector found gold on his own property. That sentence may sound a bit misleading, but it was a mere infant who led to the discovery o...
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Imagine yourself preparing for a big, formal event. You’ve strapped on a pair of gorgeous heels. You’ve let the soft, silky material of your gown slip over yo...
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Though many people believed that the love of vintage style jewellery was just a quickly passing trend, in truth, the love and appreciation of looks of years gon...
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Gorgeous yellow gold has been brilliantly twisted, engraved, and sculpted to create an ornamental piece that wouldn’t look horribly out of place in today’s jewe...
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Human beings love gemstones. This is not a secret, nor is it a surprise. For centuries, people have been shaping and polishing the brilliantly coloured stones...
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When it comes to giving gifts from leaders of one nation to another, there have certainly been some very extravagant and impressive examples through the years. ...
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There are many women of a certain age, and men as well, who have held on to the jewellery that they wore when they were younger, or pieces that were given to th...
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