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We see African gemstones all over the place. We see them, of course on runways and red carpets, but also in shopping malls, movie theaters, and popular restaur...
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Recently a very large Zultanite gemstone was sold at auction. The stone, which was offered for sale in a Hong Kong auction house, weighed in at 105 carats, maki...
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For a nation facing a difficult economic climate, perhaps one of the best pieces of news that can be revealed is the discovery of a tract of precious gemstones ...
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Those in attendance at the Dubai Inernational Jewellery Show were in for a rare treat this year. And, for those who had their pockets lined with a cool 1.6 mil...
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The hunt is on in Alberta, Canada, for precious gems. However, these are not rubies, diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds being sought out by the prospecting teams...
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According to reports from leading scientific publications around the world, there is reason to believe that diamonds will no longer wear the title of hardest su...
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Gemfield is a big player in the diamond and gemstone mining industry, and the news of their impending gemstone auctions is widespread, as many buyers and invest...
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Deep in the heart of South Africa exists a mine owned and operated by Diamondcorp PLC. It is referred to as the Lace mine. It is a very delicate name for what...
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Sapphires are hugely popular these days. More and more buyers are looking away from diamonds, and turning their sights on the classic deep blue of sapphire. H...
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