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In an effort to stand up for a great cause, the Beauty and the Beast star, actress Emma Watson has opted to wear only eco-friendly materials while on a promotio...
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If you love living vicariously through the UK royal family, then you will very likely be envious of the young Meghan Markle, who has snagged the attention and (...
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If you were asked to guess which American actress wore the most expensive piece of jewellery ever worn at a red carpet awards ceremony, who would you guess? Ki...
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Jennifer Aniston has been among the most talked about in the entertainment industry for decades. In large part because of her contributions to the industry, bu...
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In the last blog post, we wrote about the jewellery seen on the red carpet at various high profile awards shows and other such events. In some cases, these pie...
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There are so many lovely gowns, suits, and tuxedos that are worn on the red carpet at entertainment award ceremonies. Very often, designers are quick to reprod...
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Have you ever wondered about the jewellery worn by celebrities on the red carpet? It is no secret that many of these pieces are on loan or have been essentiall...
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Imagine you are working with a new client for the first time. The paycheck for this job is going to be absolutely immense, perhaps even more than you have ever...
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There was a lot of jewellery worn at the 2017 British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA). That much was expected, and was much of the reason why we and other jeweller...
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