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If you have been following the headlines recently, then you know that there are a group of scientists and businessmen attempting to convince the masses that lab...
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There was news recently about a very large known and rather well-known diamond being stolen. There was a lot of doubt in the minds of many as to whether or not...
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Next month, the jewellery industry will be flocking to London for the chance to view some unique and spectacular pieces. There were will be sixty dealers and a...
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As a player in the diamond market, Diamond Rocks has certainly seen the evidence of new trends started by the millennial generation. There has been increased i...
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Years ago, in the West African nation known as Sierra Leone, there was a massive diamond pulled from a mine. It weighed in at 969 carats (not a far cry from th...
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There is news out of Russia recently that the massive diamond operation known as Alrosa is pushing for the Russian government to lift the ceiling on diamond exp...
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Never heard the name David Bennett? Then, you aren’t likely one of the elite few who are bidding on the prized gems and jewels sold by Sotheby’s auction house....
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It has been a big year for diamond miners. A big year of big diamonds! We have seen some massive stones being pulled from the mines around the world, which is ...
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Rio Tinto owns and operates a mine known as ‘Argyle’. The diamond producing site is located in Western Australia, more specifically in the East Kimberely regio...
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