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A Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide- Part 2

Make sure to read the first part of the diamond engagement ring buying guide so you don’t miss out on any tips. Now, you want to take a look at other factors that are going to contribute to making a satisfying purchase. Finding the right diamond engagement ring a soon-to-be engaged couple will be proud to display to friends and family is not an overwhelming task.

Since you should already have a budget in mind, as well as the type of setting that you are looking for, you should next look at how to evaluate diamond engagement rings. You need to understand the 4 Cs of diamonds: carat, colour, clarity and cut. After a budget has been set you should learn important facts about diamonds and how to design a diamond engagement ring that is unique to your personal lifestyle. You want to be able to find a diamond engagement ring that has the characteristics that are most important to you so the diamond engagement ring will better suit your fiancés preferences.

The first ‘C’ this article is going to mention with regard to diamonds is the cut. This is what brings out the brilliance of the diamond. When a diamond is well cut the light that is entering the diamond and reaching the centre where it is refracted will reflect the true magnificence and exquisiteness of the diamond. A good cut on a diamond can make the diamond stand out no matter what the size of the diamond may be.

The next consideration is the clarity of the diamond engagement ring. Every diamond contains natural flaws that happened while the diamond was forming deep within the earth’s surface. When buying a diamond engagement ring, the fewer flaws in a diamond the more valuable and prized the diamond will be.

Lastly, the colour and carat weight of the diamond engagement ring should be considered. Generally diamonds are colourless. However, you can find very rare fancy diamonds that come in an array of different colours like pink, blue, and yellow. Carat is a measurement of the weight of a diamond. The larger the diamond the more expensive it is.

Most often when you are window shopping for diamond engagement rings you are likely to find that you prefer to be able to select the setting and the diamond separately. This is the perfect opportunity for a couple to design their own diamond engagement ring that will be a symbol of their love and which can then be passed down to their children as a family heirloom.


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