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Birthstones: A Quick Guide

A beautiful gift for a loved one is a piece of birthstone jewellery, whether that is a ring, a set of earrings or a statement necklace. However, the birthstones have meanings that go beyond their beautiful colours. Some people enjoy giving the birthstone specifically for its meaning, regardless if the wearer of the gift was born in that particular month. Below is a quick guide based on colour to help you choose a meaningful and beautiful stone.

The Reds/Purples.
January’s deep red garnet colour stands for constancy – a stunning gift for the person whose loyalty you admire. February’s beautiful amethyst reflects sincerity, a feeling that can be expressed either by the wearer or the giver of such a beautiful purple stone. July’s ruby is unmistakably noticeable and stands for contentment. Surely any person who receives such a beautiful stone would agree! November’s topaz is typically a reddish orange, though topaz can take on the colour of any element it is exposed to. In spite of its fickle elements, the stone itself stands for loyalty.

The whites.
April’s lucky babies get diamonds as their birthstone. This stone which represents innocence, though receiving a diamond can make a person feel anything but! June’s pearl represents health and longevity, a perfect present for someone who represents those qualities. Though it is grouped under the “whites,” don’t forget that pearls can come in some stunning colours, including black and pink. October’s opal flashes with that characteristic pink-green fire and represents hope.

The blues/greens.
March sports an aquamarine, a beautiful sky blue colour that looks good on many people. The aquamarine stands for courage, and is a wonderful symbol for those getting ready to take on a new challenge. May has an emerald, a regal jewel that comes in several hues and stands for both love and success. No wonder many people are picking up on the trend of emerald engagement rings! August’s green peridot is lighter in shade and stands for married happiness, making this a wonderful anniversary stone colour. September’s sapphire is one of the best known gemstones for its stunning deep blue; it represents clear thinking. December’s turquoise means prosperity, a lucky gift any person would be pleased to accept.


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