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Choosing an Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Many people who are looking to buy a diamond engagement ring want to get something that is unique in style that will be able to express their genuine love for their fiancé. A different type of engagement ring is an antique diamond engagement ring. This could have that unique appeal that you are looking for to really excite your fiancée when you pop that all-important question.

One great thing about antique diamond engagement rings is that they may be less expensive while offering amazing craftsmanship. Antique diamond engagement rings have the capability of becoming instant heirlooms that are bound to turn out to be something that is cherished for lifetimes to come and shared by many generations.

Typically an antique diamond engagement ring refers to any ring that is over 50 years of age. You may find that jewellers also use the term vintage diamond engagement ring, which carries the same definition as antique diamond engagement ring. For many who are looking for more unique antique diamond engagement rings you will want to search out engagement rings that are made before a certain time period or relate to different eras. You may also come across the term estate diamond engagement ring, which will refer to a diamond engagement ring that may be less than 50 years old. You will need to do some research to find the age of this type of ring if you are determined to use an antique diamond engagement ring.

Now with regards to the style of diamond engagement rings that are available, there are many to choose from. There are the Victorian Antique engagement rings which you will find in yellow or rose gold and which feature rows of diamonds with an extra facet on the bottom called mine cut.

There are also Edwardian engagement rings that really used platinum to enhance the band while showing fantastic attention to detail. Most Edwardian antique engagement rings show off brilliant rose-cut diamonds and breathtaking sapphires which were fashionable during this era. The most popular type of antique diamond engagement rings you will find are the Art Deco engagement rings which show off the fashion trends of the 1920s and 30s. They are usually platinum bands that are diamond packed with colourful designs and contrasting gemstones.

An antique diamond engagement ring is a unique way to tie history in with your engagement. As the ring has already lasted for fifty years at least, you know that it is quality made and will stand the test of time. Your future bride to be will have the chance to wear a ring that may have lasted through a decades-long happy marriage, and that is a romantic prospect.


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