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Choosing the Right Gemstone Jewellery

People choose gemstones for a variety of reasons. Birthstones used to be the most popular use of gemstones, but they are coming into their own as engagement ring pieces, stunning solitaires and other heirloom treasures. Others regard gemstones as a key to personal energy and expression. Whatever the reason, gemstones are always a good investment and some are considered even more expensive than diamonds. So how do you know if you’re choosing the right gemstone jewellery?

Well, first, do you like the colour? The colour is the most important part of choosing a gemstone, not only because that is the quality most strongly considered by appraisers. Colour is broken down into hue, saturation and tone. Hue refers to the literal colour of the piece, while saturation is intensity of the colour and tone is the reflection in the light. But beyond that, quite simply you should love the colour. The colour should complement your skin tone and work its way into your lifestyle. As precious as it might be, if you do not like the colour, you will not wear the piece.

The intensity of the colour also affects the value of the piece. This is also referred to as saturation. For sapphires, for example, a colour that is too intense tends toward black instead of blue; this lessens its value as a gemstone. Hue is important.

Many people do not wish to sell their jewellery pieces, but rather wish to pass them on to loved ones. Knowing the value is still important, and the colour plays a huge role in value.


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