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Combination Stone Rings

If you love diamonds but are interested in trying other stones in your rings as well, you might be interested in trying a combination stone ring. A combination stone ring is a ring that has more than one type of stone. In this case, a combination ring would include a diamond as well as another stone.

A combination stone ring can be a twist on a traditional ring. For example, if you are a fan of birthstone rings, these types of rings usually have just one type of stone: the stone that stands for the particular birth month. You can add a twist on this by adding a diamond as well as whatever stone is the one which corresponds to the birth month. If your birth month is in August, your birthstone would be a Peridot. A peridot and diamond ring is a unique way to highlight the beauty of a peridot. No matter what the stone, it can always be accessorised with one or two diamonds.

A classic combination stone ring is that of sapphire and diamond. The rich, dark blue colour of a sapphire is accentuated with a crystal clear, sparkling diamond. A ruby and diamond ring is another classic combination. The deep ruby red colour seems even deeper when it is paired with diamonds.

Many fashion rings feature a variety of stones. Fashion rings may have more of a fun feeling than the average jewellery. Fashion rings may feature shapes such as hearts, butterflies, flowers, or just about anything else that can be thought of. The diamond is usually the main focal point in these rings, and the other stones are used as a way to add a little more flair to the ring.

Another type of combination ring is a mother’s ring. A mother’s ring is a ring that is given to a mother to symbolise the love that she has for her children. These types of rings have a variety of different stones, one for each child. It is common for the types of stones in the ring to correspond with the birth month of her children, but this is not always the case. A mother’s ring can consist of a mother’s favourite stones as long as there is one for each child.

Combination stone rings are another great way to experiment with diamonds. These rings can have just one other stone to accent a diamond, or they can have many different stones. There is no limit to the types of stones that can be paired with diamonds.


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