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Diamond Earrings and Men: A Good Fit?

Usually we think of diamond earrings as a gift for women. But increasingly, male celebrities are beginning to sport sizzling diamond studs and rocking the bling. If your man likes wearing a stud, there is no better gift than a diamond stud earring. Here are some tips for finding the perfect one.

Here, the setting is probably less important than the carat weight. Depending on the style of the man you are purchasing the gift for, you will want to consider how many carats you wish to purchase. A man whose style is flashier will probably appreciate a larger carat, while someone whose style is understated might find a larger carat too overwhelming.

Consider also the brilliance of the piece you’re buying, and that means the cut of the stone. Price is largely driven by carat weight; the more carats, the more expensive the piece tends to be. But carat weight doesn’t necessarily determine how good the piece will look. The cut of the diamond is what gives it that signature sparkle and brilliance. So, if larger carats are out of the budget, find a cut that you like instead, and the piece will be just as remarkable.

The final consideration is the mounting of the stone, which in the case of men’s diamond studs generally means the prongs. Depending on the shape of the stone, there may be more or less prongs. It is worthwhile to examine this closely. Pronged studs tend to expose the base of the diamond, and this makes the stud fragile to being knocked, caught in someone’s hair or a sleeve.


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