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Diamond Information Centre

For most people, buying a diamond engagement ring or any other piece of diamond jewellery is an overwhelming task. However, it doesn't have to be like this. A good understanding of diamonds is the best guarantee that you'll make a well-informed purchase and remain happy about it.

Knowledge is power and here at Diamond Rocks we feel obliged to provide you with all the information on diamonds you need to begin shopping with confidence. This information centre can be used as a guide to provide you with information about anything from the all-important “four Cs” of diamonds to how to purchase certified diamonds online and an explanation of how diamonds are graded. All is intelligibly explained here.

We invite you to empower yourself with this diamond knowledge which will help you find your perfect diamond with ease. If your questions are not answered on these pages or you simply wish to speak with a Customer Service Representative, our customers can contact us on 0800 977 4855 or by email at info@diamondrocks.co.uk

General Diamond Information

About Diamonds Blood Diamonds How are Diamonds formed in Nature? How to Buy Loose Diamonds Why are Diamonds so Valuable? What are Fracture Filled Diamonds? Certified Diamonds A Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds 10 Things You May Not Have Known About Diamonds Can You Break a Diamond? Should You Investigate Where Your Diamonds Are From Before Buying?

Engagement Rings

Considerations When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring When to Buy the Engagement Ring History of the Engagement Ring Choosing a Non- traditional Stone for an Engagement Ring Using an Heirloom Engagement Ring How to Find Out What Kind of Ring Your Girlfriend Will Like Choosing the Size of Stone in the Engagement Ring How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring? Why Choose a Unique Engagement Ring Choosing an Antique Diamond Engagement Ring Celtic Engagement Rings Ruby Engagement Rings Why Are Diamonds Used In Engagement Rings? Is Designing Your Own Diamond Ring a Good Idea? Bridal Sets - The Superior Choice Vintage Diamond Rings: A Quick Buying Guide Engagement Ring Settings: Understanding Your Choices Designing Your Ring with Loose Diamonds: What You Need to Know Now How Important is Grade When You're Shopping for an Engagement Ring? Emerald Engagement Rings: A Hot New Trend How to Care for Diamond Engagement Rings Using a Design Service for Your Engagement Ring Cheap Engagement Rings: A Good Idea? How to Find a Great Deal on an Engagement Ring

Diamond Rings

Bespoke Wedding Rings Men's Wedding Bands Diamond Rings for any Occasion Right Hand Diamond Rings Combination Stone Rings The Art Deco Ring Fashion Diamond Rings Chocolate Diamond Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring on a Budget A Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide- Part 1 A Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide- Part 2 Selecting Coloured Diamonds Pave Diamond Engagement Rings Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring Cushion and Emerald Cut Diamond Rings Facts About Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings History of the Eternity Ring When to Give an Eternity Ring How Much to Spend on an Eternity Ring Eternity Ring Buying Guide What is an Eternity Ring? Choosing a Half Eternity Ring or a Full Eternity Ring Exchanging Eternity Rings as a Romantic Gift On Which Finger do you Wear an Eternity Ring? The Difference between an Eternity Ring and a Wedding Ring Other Stones used in Eternity Rings Choosing the Right Precious Metal for an Eternity Ring

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings Why Choose Diamond Stud Earrings Choosing the Best Diamond Studs Buying Diamond Earrings Online What to Look for When Buying Diamond Earrings

Diamond Jewellery

Designer Diamond Jewellery Diamond Pendants Diamond Bracelets: The Perfect Gift Before You Buy a Diamond Watch: What You Need to Know Now Finding Diamond Earrings To Compliment Your Looks Diamond Earrings and Men: A Good Fit? The Best Gift: Diamond Earrings or Gemstones? Black Diamond Earrings: A Gift Like No Other How to Care for Diamond Bracelets How to Care for Diamond Earrings How to Care for Diamond Jewellery

The Four Cs

The Four Cs Which of the 4 Cs are Most Important?

The Four Cs- Cut

What are Asscher Cut Diamonds? Ideal Cut Diamonds What makes Heart Shaped Diamonds Special? What are Old Mine Cut Diamonds? Flawless Diamonds

The Four Cs- Clarity

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds? What is a Diamond’s Clarity? How Clarity Affects Price

The Four Cs - Colour

Diamond Fluorescence Coloured Diamonds Interesting Facts about Coloured Diamonds Different Types of Diamonds Which are Considered Precious Facts about Black Diamonds Coloured Diamonds: Real or Fake? What Makes a Diamond Black? Are Yellow Diamonds As Pretty As Others? Black Diamond Jewellery: What's Hot, What's Not Blue Diamonds: Uncommonly Beautiful

The Four Cs- Carat

Introduction to Carats How Many Carats Is Enough? How Does Carat Weight Affect the Price? 2 Carat Diamonds and 2 Carat Rings: What's the Difference?

Giving the Gift of Diamonds

Why Give Diamonds as Gifts? Occasions for Giving Diamonds as a Gift The Engagement Diamond Gift Diamond Promise Ring Diamond earrings as gifts Diamond pendants as a gift Diamond bracelets Diamond necklaces as a gift Diamond as men's gifts Diamonds as a Graduation Present Giving Loose Diamonds as Gifts Mother's Diamond Necklace Diamond jewellery as an anniversary present Giving Antique Diamond Jewellery as Gifts A Child's First Diamond Jewellery Diamond rings as a gift Woman’s guide to buying men’s bracelets Diamonds or Gemstones: What Women Prefer Most Diamond Rings as Gifts: When they're Appropriate Diamond Earrings: The Gift of a Lifetime Choosing the Right Diamond Bracelet Should You Buy Your Child Diamond Jewellery?

Diamond Hardness

How to tell the Difference between a Diamond and a Cubic Zirconia What are the Different Uses of Diamond? The Difference between Swarovski Crystal and Diamonds Facts about Diamond Hardness

History of Jewellery

Ancient Jewellery Edwardian Style Jewellery Retro Style jewellery period The Georgian Style Jewellery Period Art Deco Style Jewellery Nouveau Style Jewellery Victorian Style Jewellery Antique, Estate, and Vintage Jewellery - What’s the difference History of Diamond Necklaces

Precious Metals

Titanium in Jewellery Gold Jewellery Silver in Jewellery Platinum in Jewellery How to Pick Loose Diamonds to Match Precious Metal Settings Wedding Band Metals: Which One is Right For You?

Other Precious Stones

Precious Stones: Rubies Precious Stones: Emeralds Precious Sapphires Birthstones January to May Birthstones June to December Is Emerald The Best New Colour of the Year? Understanding Gemstone Quality Caring for Emerald Rings Before You Buy Gemstone Jewellery: A Few Things to Consider Choosing the Right Gemstone Jewellery Gemstone Pieces That Go With Anything Combining Gemstones and Diamonds in Jewellery: A Good Idea? Birthstones: A Quick Guide

History of Diamonds

The History of Diamonds History of Fancy Coloured Diamonds History of Black or Chocolate Diamonds A History of Diamond Cuts from the 1200s to the end of the 1300s A History of Diamond Cuts from the 1400s to the end of the 1600s A History of Diamond Cuts from the 1700s to today Vintage diamond history History of princess cut diamonds History of marquise cut diamonds History of Baguette cut diamonds History of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds History of pear shaped cut diamonds History of emerald cut diamonds History of pink diamonds

Men’s Jewellery

Tips on Buying Men's Jewellery Buying Men's Jewellery Online Men's Titanium Jewellery Men’s Diamond Stud Earrings Men's Diamond Watches Men’s Diamond Rings Men's Diamond Bracelets Styles of Men’s Bracelets History of Men’s Bracelets Chain necklaces Men’s Guide to Buying Diamonds Mens Watches: A Quick Buying Guide Is This The Year to Buy Him a Diamond Watch?

Fashion Jewellery

Men's Precious Metal Fashion Jewellery Women's Precious Metal Fashion Jewellery Children's Precious Metal Fashion Jewellery Men's Precious Stone Fashion Jewellery Women's Precious Stone Fashion Jewellery Children's Precious Stone Fashion Jewellery Rare Jewellery Types of charm bracelets Jewellery Care: A Quick Guide


Men’s precious metal accessories Men’s precious stone accessories Women’s precious metal accessories Women’s precious stone accessories Children's Precious Metal Accessories Children's Precious Stone Accessories Body Jewellery

Diamond Information Centre

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