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How Many Carats Is Enough?

“What a beautiful diamond! How many carats is it?” This is probably the most commonly asked question about diamond jewellery. While the size of the carat certainly does not equal the size of one’s affections, even an untrained eye can spot the size difference in diamonds. So how can you tell how many carats is enough?

Consider the wearer of the jewellery. If this person has small fingers, for instance, a larger sized ring may not look as good as something with a smaller carat. The reverse is also true. Choosing disproportionate jewellery for the wearer is not helpful. An experienced jeweller can help you determine appropriate size.

Remember, you can always find a larger carat while compromising on some of the other “Cs.” If you truly want to go with a larger carat piece and still need to stick to a budget, consider compromising on clarity (the flaws in the diamond) or perhaps cut.

Similarly, if you want the look of a more “expensive” diamond, carat weight is not the only thing to consider. The most important aspect is the cut of the diamond. This does not refer to a shape, like “pear,” but rather to the way the stone reflects the brilliance of the diamond. No single factor is more important in the quality of a diamond. So if the “wow factor” is what you’re seeking, choosing a better cut can enhance any diamond, no matter what the carat size!


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