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How to Care for Diamond Bracelets

That stunning tennis bracelet has been to many events, perhaps the office while meeting clients, a special evening out or other places where you want to feel special. Making sure you know how to properly care for your diamond bracelet will ensure it doesn’t suffer damage and will be there to celebrate all your special moments.

Cleaning your diamond bracelet is simple and effective. First, let the bracelet soak for about ten minutes in a bowl of warm, soapy water. This allows the gunk, grease, lotion and oil that have accumulated on the diamonds over time to slowly loosen. Using a soft bristled brush, carefully scrub your diamond bracelet. Be sure to take the time to get around each prong. When you are ready to rinse it off, do so in a sieve. This will make sure than any diamonds that may have come loose during cleaning will be caught. You can then take those diamonds to a jeweller to be fixed. Pat your bracelet dry with a clean, lint free cloth.

Storage is very important for bracelets. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and can certainly scratch other diamonds or pieces in a jewellery box they may happen to rub against. If possible, store your bracelet flat either in its original box or another container outside of a jewellery box. Storing bracelets flat keeps the thin metal strands from becoming tangled or worse, broken. Taking a bit of precaution now along with careful and regular cleaning will ensure you have your bracelet to enjoy for a lifetime.


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