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Is Designing Your Own Diamond Ring a Good Idea?

As weddings become ever more clever, engagement parties and proposals grow more unique, the push to have a unique diamond ring has grown over the years. Everyone wants something special, of course, and while diamonds are special in themselves, people also want a ring that will stand out. As a result, many are turning to designing their own rings as a way of expressing those qualities.

Is this a good idea? Designing your own ring offers some unique opportunities to have a one of a kind piece. Here are some things to consider before deciding whether you wish to design your own ring. First, there are two important decisions to make: choosing a setting and choosing a diamond.

When choosing the diamond itself, you should follow the 4 Cs – cut, clarity, carat and colour. Of these, the cut is clearly the most important. It is the cut of the diamond that gives it the brilliance and sparkle that people have come to love. The carat weight may be the first thing people ask about, but it is very probable that a stunning ring has less to do with the carat weight and more to do with the cut and display of the jewel itself. For those with smaller budgets, taking advantage of the cut of the stone can give you a quality product you may otherwise have thought unaffordable.

Once you have determined the diamond you want, the setting becomes the next task. There are literally hundreds of possible designs, so browsing online helps you determine and narrow your choices without developing in-store fatigue. You will need to decide if you want a diamond solitaire or if you prefer your stone flanked by smaller jewels. The metal bands are the next choice. Gold remains popular and available in a variety of colours, such as rose and white. Platinum is the most expensive as well as the heaviest. Consider the size of your own finger before settling on a stone or setting. This is something you want to keep for a lifetime, so making sure it fits the proportions and colouring of your hand is critical.


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