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Men's Wedding Bands

When it comes to jewellery, the notion is usually associated with femininity. From glamorous earrings to dazzling necklaces, the kinds of jewellery associated with women are always stylish and sophisticated. However, there is a category of jewellery designed with a masculine taste in mind. It may include anything from pendants to cufflinks, but the central place is occupied by men's wedding bands. Until recently, most wedding rings for men were plain domed bands made of yellow or white gold. There was and there is nothing wrong about the simple 14ct gold wedding ring and some men still prefer this traditional type, as no golden ring has ever failed to convey a sense of luxury. These days, however, more and more jewellerydesigners are coming up with unconventional, contemporary more stylish men's wedding rings, made from ultra-strong industrial metals, such as tungsten, chrome, cobalt, titanium or stainless steel, instead of precious metals. Such choice of materials clearly results from the practical mindset of the man, placing a higher value on longevity and strength in metal rather than its bling. After all, the wedding ring is supposed to be worn for lifetime, which gives plenty of time for a ring to outwear.

Nowadays, it's among the top most popular metals for men's wedding bands. Named after the Titans from the Greek mythology, titanium is not an alloy, it is actually a naturally occurring element, well known for its durability. It resists corrosion or bleach, so you can work out, tan or surf without having to take the ring off. Sometimes referred to as a space age metal, titanium is largely used in jet engines and spacecraft due to its unparalleled lightness compared to other metals. What makes titanium even cooler, is that scientists have found it in the sun, meteorites, on the moon, and even stars.

Another metal gaining popularity in the production of wedding rings for men is tungsten. Being one of the heaviest metals found on earth, tungsten wedding bands convey a sense of sophistication that titanium bands lack. Just like titanium, tungsten is also one of the toughest metals known to man, and it's got the highest melting point of all the pure metals. Its lustrous dark colour, which can be buffed to a mirror-like finish, combined with its exceptional resistance to wear, makes tungsten wedding rings a popular choice among many men. The only material that's hard enough to make a noticeable dint in a wedding band made of tungsten, is a diamond.


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