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Mens Watches: A Quick Buying Guide

Perhaps the most popular piece of male fashion jewellery is the watch. Always appropriate, always sophisticated and always useful, it’s a sure-fire gift that always pleases. But with so many choices, it can be difficult to figure out the best gift for the man in your life. Read this quick guide to picking the perfect watch.

Know the terms. You will need to know about quartz, complication and movement, for example. Movement means all the moving pieces in the watch. Complication refers to those things that go beyond simple time keeping. Does this watch have other functions he can use? Quartz is the regulation of movement that is considered more accurate than other watches without quartz.

Know your man. This means know his style but also know his lifestyle. Consider whether he will want a watch for every occasion, or whether he attends events where he may want a fancier piece. Would he enjoy a watch with more complication, or is he more minimalistic? Is he typically stylish or is he coolly casual? Knowing his own style is important to picking a piece that suits him and that he will enjoy.

Know the details. This also goes back to knowing your man. Some watches are still self-winding, for example, and some may enjoy that feature while others will be irritated by it. Will this watch need to be water resistant? If your man works in varying weather conditions, this may be more important than you might first imagine. Thinking about style plus lifestyle will help you narrow down a wide range of functional and fashionable choices and find the perfect gift.


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