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Platinum in Jewellery

This rare metal has only recently seen a surge in the jewellery market. Platinum is a white metal that is usually 95% pure and hypoallergenic. These qualities translate into pleasure for the wearer. Its purity means that the metal will not transfer its colour onto any gem that may be set on or into it. Being hypoallergenic means that anyone with sensitive or reactive skin, or with certain metal allergies can wear this precious metal.

Platinum has been a popular metal in the electronic, computer, military, and industrial sectors which have utilised this precious metal in numerous ways. It is lightweight, durable, and able to withstand horrible conditions and strenuous use. These qualities have translated well into the jewellery sector of business.

This highly-prized precious metal will never lose its lustre, no matter how much, or how long it is worn as jewellery. The durability is highly sought by jewellery designers for working with. Throughout the history of jewellery well-known designers from today’s Cartier to the fabled Faberge have sought this metal because of its strength, durability, and ease of shaping. In fact, platinum can be drawn into a thin enough wire to create authentic precious metal mesh for jewellery designs.

Platinum is 30 time more rare than gold in the world. Its varied uses and rarity makes this precious metal a precious commodity. As such, the prices for platinum jewellery will be higher than those for gold or silver jewellery. However, the guarantees with this metal, and the properties of it, make the price more than amenable to many jewellery buyers’ wallets.

When shopping for platinum jewellery it is recommended that shoppers look at jewellers who either specialise or are known for carrying platinum jewellery. This ensures not only quality craftsmanship, but also purity of the metal. As with gold and silver jewellery, some designers sell platinum alloy jewellery which does not have the same attractive qualities as pure platinum jewellery.

Additionally, a jeweller who specialises in working with platinum jewellery will know which stones to use and how to best mount, or set, them with the piece. Selecting a jeweller who has the knowledge and experience of working with platinum jewellery will ensure that the piece you are purchasing is of the highest quality and made with the best craftsmanship in work. Regardless, almost all purchasers of platinum jewellery continue to be satisfied with their purchase for a lifetime.


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