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The Difference between an Eternity Ring and a Wedding Ring

Eternity rings have been called many different things throughout the generations and they have come to represent many different things to people. Wedding rings, on the other hand, have a single universal purpose. They are used to signify the union in marriage between a man and a woman. With that being said, both wedding rings and eternity rings have been used in the same sense when being exchanged by couples during the wedding vows. Beyond the more familiar types of rings associated with weddings, such as engagement rings and wedding bands, you will find new styles of diamond jewellery such as beautiful eternity rings.

When talking about eternity rings it is important to understand that overall, you are talking about the style of the ring. Eternity rings are called such because they have stones, which are usually diamonds, which go all the way around the band of the ring. This is generally where the name comes from because the diamonds are spaced so it looks as though there is no beginning and no end to where the diamonds are placed. So it is a circle that goes on forever, just like an eternity. These styles where the diamonds, or other stones that are used, go all the way around the band are called a full eternity ring. There are also many half eternity rings. Half eternity rings only have stones across the front of the band. These half eternity rings look more like traditional wedding rings because by and large they have larger stones in them and are found more frequently in jewellery stores.

Now when it comes to traditional wedding bands, you will find that the most popular choice for centuries has been nothing more than a plain gold wedding band. The reason is that it is comfortable enough to be worn every day and will continue to be in style for years to come. For those seeking a flashier look, you can find a lot of wedding bands for both men and women which have a channel set diamond band. The decision between choosing an eternity ring or a wedding ring solely depends on the personal preference of the individual. Both rings can be used to represent the same thing when it comes to the union of marriage. Both are stunning jewellery pieces that will last a lifetime and can be worn together if wanted. When looking at both an eternity ring and a wedding ring side by side, it will be very difficult for anyone to tell the difference between the two rings.

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