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What are Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

Individuals who are interested in diamond jewellery may find a lot of varieties of diamonds on the market. Sometimes they get puzzled and confused when they see several varieties of gemstones in jewellery store. There are very few people out there who know about old mine cut diamonds. Since this variety has been discussed little, most people are unaware of how special these gems are.

Old mine cut diamonds are a unique variety of stones which possess a high crown and a small table. The culet of this variety is flat at the bottom, which is usually not seen in other varieties of gems. There are some specific features, which make them versatile and fantastic. They possess a square shape with rounded corners. When they are cut into pieces, they shine with different colours which provide them with a uniquely brilliant and marvellous look. Many people find these diamonds to be more beautiful than most.

Its name, old mine cut diamond, refers to the old mines which are in India. It had been considered a precious stone in the 18th century, and even today there are a lot of individuals who like this variety and feel honoured to be purchasing it.

You may find many reasons why people are still so interested in purchasing it. One of the major reasons why these gems are still popular is their antique nature. They were very popular in the 18th century. Therefore, those women who favour antique style engagement rings will definitely love to wear it. Some families keep these cuts of diamonds and pass them down from generation to generation. They become family heirlooms and are special to many people.

Another reason why people like to have this gem is its unique shape and beauty. As already discussed, it produces several colours when it is cut in different shapes. You may find its beauty unmatchable, and it enhances the charm of any ornament when placed in its centre.

Last but not least is the price. This is a variety which many feel is of great value. Therefore, people like it since they can purchase it more easily.

In conclusion, old mine cut diamonds are a wonderful variety and represent the traditions of the 18th century. Nevertheless very few people know quite how precious it is in terms of its beauty. Those who are aware of how wonderful it is have no hesitation in purchasing this variety when they visit a jewellery store.


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