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What is a Diamond's Clarity?

When it comes to the value of a diamond, one of the key determining factors will be the clarity of the diamond. When it comes to diamonds, while everyone wants a diamond that is perfect the likelihood of finding such a diamond is highly unlikely. On the other hand who would not want an engagement ring that is as unique and beautiful as the person they plan on giving it to? While the defects and imperfections that are found in most diamonds are not noticeable to the naked eye, this is why the need for diamond grading is so important so the everyday average person can understand and value the diamond that they are considering to purchase. When it comes to grading diamond clarity there are eight different types of flaws that could be classified within each unique diamond.

External Diamond Flaws

Also known as blemishes, these types of flaws would include cuts, nicks, polishing lines, and pits that would be visible on the outside of the diamond. Sometimes these can be polished down or can be cut to remove the flaw from the naked eye.

Internal Diamond Flaws

Also known as inclusions, these flaws can sometimes be serious or minor depending on the way that the light will interpret the flaw when reflected. What matters the most is that internal flaws can greatly depreciate the value of the diamond.

Cleavage and Feathering

Also known as the cracks that are found inside the diamond, cleavage would not have feathers which will affect the overall strength of a diamond. If the crack does have feathering then the diamond is not compromised in strength unless it has reached the outside of the stone.

Pinpoint Inclusions

Small, tiny crystals that form within the diamond are known as pinpoint inclusions. If formed in clusters they could cause a clouding effect inside the diamond and affect the way the diamond will sparkle.

Grain Lines

Irregular lines that form within a diamond which could be clear, coloured, or white, but clear lines will not affect the grade of the diamond.


After a diamond is cut there might be occasions where small lines would appear around the girdle of the stone. This would be called bearding. These lines can be polished or the diamond could be re-cut so they are removed.

Laser treated

Laser treatment could improve the diamond clarity. This would affect the grade of the stone and can sometimes be seen by the naked eye in the form of a jet stream or light trail.

Crystal and Mineral Inclusions

Diamonds sometimes have crystals that will be embedded within them which for some people adds character to the diamond. Not all inclusions will negatively affect the pricing of diamond jewellery so depending on what imperfections you find, the diamond itself can still have an incredible value.


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