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Are Yellow Diamonds As Pretty As Others?

Yellow isn’t a colour many people can wear. It’s something you’ve either got the skin tone for, or you don’t. Happily, that is not the case for yellow diamonds.

While coloured diamonds in general have skyrocketed as a trend, yellow seems to be the most popular colour. Yellow diamond rings have been sported by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum.

What makes yellow diamonds so popular?

For many, the colour is one of the easiest to wear. While some may shy away from colourful stones, yellow diamonds give off an air of luxury that even the finest white diamonds cannot match. There is a reason celebrities are flashing a nontraditional yellow stone – it stands apart from a sea of white diamonds. Much like gold stands apart from other forms of jewellery, the yellow diamond makes quite a bold statement. Even men, such as hockey player Petr Nedved and producer Rodney Jenkins have been spotted sporting their yellow jewels.

Are they real diamonds?

Many yellow diamonds on the market are enhanced with a technological process that replicates nature. The yellow colour comes from nitrogen being present in the diamond whilst forming. While naturally occurring yellow diamonds can be found in the earth’s crust, enhancement by irradiation and intense heat bring out and intensify the colour in a diamond but does not change it significantly in any way. This is just as Mother Nature intended, only without the long wait.

Once thought inferior to white diamonds, yellow diamonds have really stepped into the spot light. Still just as precious as they ever have been, modern techniques not only enhance the quality of these rocks, but make them affordable as well.



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