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Budget Engagement Rings: A Good Idea?

Of course the size of the diamond does not equal the size of your affection for your fiancée and money doesn’t buy happiness. However,there is a difference between finding a bargain and going for that rock bottom choice. That difference can mean getting a quality product or purchasing something disappointing that must be redone. It’s wise to learn the difference.

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The Simple Truth

Low budget engagement rings can create problems you may not anticipate. For instance, going for cheaper diamonds may mean that the clarity of the diamond is significantly compromised.

Clarity refers to the flaws within a diamond. Many diamonds are naturally flawed, but this is no reason to settle for a cheap diamond. Many flaws are visible to the naked eye, even to an untrained observer. Diamonds with poor clarity will not sparkle or reflect the light in the same way as a better diamond, and that brilliance is what people remember.

Instead of going for the inexpensive just to find a bigger stone, consider going for a higher quality cut instead. The cut is what makes the diamond reflect the light in the first place.

What to get?

A high quality cut is more brilliant than a larger rock with a poor cut and low clarity. There are many bargains to be found with diamonds of varying cuts, and that can yield a ring that is every bit as beautiful as a larger stone.

The old adage about getting what you pay for is true indeed. Why get a larger rock with a poor cut, when a smaller stone with a more brilliant cut will turn heads?


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