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Facts about vintage diamond engagement rings

According to a popular campaign several decades back, diamonds are forever. While that statement is a fact, it is still the most popular jewel when it comes to engagement rings and many other gifting occasions.

Diamonds have a high level of resiliency along with durability that can never be destroyed- all while maintaining their stunning shine and beauty. When diamonds are brought together to create engagement rings the diamond transforms into an instant symbol of love.

When looking for a unique piece of diamond jewellery, it is often difficult to find, especially when it comes to diamond engagement rings because certain styles of diamond engagement rings are no longer trendy. If you are seeking a vintage diamond engagement ring we would suggest our Vintage Jewellery collection, also featuring our Belle Epoque range.

Vintage jewellery pieces are often very old in age and have some added value due to the history and rareness of the piece. If you are looking for budget friendly vintage diamond jewellery pieces, your search will take you through many different avenues. Reputable jewellers are your best bet when purchasing even vintage pieces as they will be able to provide you with a certificate.

Now the difference between “vintage” and “antique” engagement jewellery can differ with the area of the world in which you are searching. You will also come across the terminology “antique style” or “vintage style,” which have been carefully created in the style of vintage jewellery pieces themselves. Be sure you are aware of what it is you are viewing and buying if you make the decision.


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