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History of Emerald cut Diamonds

The Emerald cut diamond has a rich and vibrant history that dates back thousands of years.

The word ‘Emerald,’ has meanings dating back to the ancient Greek word which means ‘Green’.

It was not initially thought to be used as a style for cutting loose diamonds, but instead was used for cutting precious emerald stones themselves. Emeralds were known for their many inclusions which made them susceptible to fractures and other imperfections.

Emerald cutting was introduced for precious emerald gemstones at first and later diamond cutters saw the techniques beneficial by cutting series of analogous, cropped corners, and graduated planes known as step cutting. This produced a very fine looking finished stone that added to the beauty and strength of the diamond.

Although it is not a very common cut for diamond rings, you will find the cut used regularly for other jewellery designs which incorporate smaller diamonds or other precious gemstones into the craftsmanship of the jewellery piece itself.


What makes the emerald cut for diamonds so special is that the square and rectangular cut shapes have well defined corners along with rows of facets which will almost always run parallel to the girdle, producing spectacular colours and radiant shine off any piece of jewellery. They tend to act like mirrors showing a reflection in the diamond, especially in colourless stones.

The pavilion in the cuts give the appearance of stair steps which leads to given name of the emerald cut “step cut”, “trap cut”, or “octagon cut” all referring to the emerald cut. Giving the dramatic appearance of flashing lights it may not be as radiant as the more popular brilliant cut but for those looking for a unique cut of diamond that is often not seen, the emerald cut would be perfect.

The dimensions and cuts of the emerald has a total count of 58 facets which consist of 25 cuts on the crown of the stone, 25 cuts on the pavilion, and 8 cuts on the trap cut.

When it comes to finding the right cut for your diamond jewellery needs the emerald cut is always a great option. For the most part emerald cut stones are generally less expensive than more traditional, popular cuts like the brilliant cut or the princess cut. This is especially true when it comes to bridal jewellery and women’s rings.

If you are looking for a larger cut stone or higher graded diamond, the emerald cut diamond could prove to be a great low cost, alternative cut diamond.


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