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Platinum Jewellery Collection Video by Diamond Rocks

Platinum is one of the rarest and least reactive elements on Earth, making it highly prized and at Diamond Rocks, we have a huge range of rings, pendants and earrings to suit all kinds of budgets. Even the least expensive pieces we stock are visually stunning, with the white metal not adding any colouration to the diamonds, making them sparkle purely.

The rings in the platinum collection come with diamonds in a range of cuts, shapes and carat weights, while cocktail and microset shoulder diamonds offer an alternative to simple bands.

The ear studs also come in a number of shapes and sizes to match your mood or the style of your outfit.

Platinum jewellery with brilliant white diamonds is stunning to behold, but if you want to insert some colour into your outfit, the collection also includes rings, pendants and earrings with gemstone insets. That way, you'll be able to insert some emerald green, ruby red or sapphire blue to really make your outfit pop.

The entire platinum collection is available with zero per cent finance and you'll make noticeable savings on the high street prices as you're buying directly from the manufacturer.

Browse the range at the Diamond Rocks website.

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