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Swarovski Created Diamonds, a brilliant future

Known for producing the highest-quality crystals on the market, Swarovski continues to innovate at the farthest boundaries of art and science, with its brilliant lab-grown diamonds. In actual fact, since 2016, Swarovski Created Diamonds has been an innovative arm of the esteemed crystal Maison’s planning for a brighter future.


But there is one question on everyone’s lips.  We all know Swarovski are brilliant – yes, the pun was intended – at producing the highest-quality crystals on the market, but what exactly does the company know about creating diamonds?

Quite a lot it would seem.  Building on an over 125-year legacy of mastery and craftsmanship, Swarovski has transformed its in-depth knowledge and gem stone know-how, transferring it into the fast-growing lab-crafted diamond arena.

Brilliant beyond nature, the creation of a Swarovski lab-grown diamond faithfully emulates the same growth process of a mined diamond – resulting in the transfixing radiance of an identical looking stone. Possessing the same chemical composition, hardness, brilliance, and fire, the only thing a Swarovski Created Diamond doesn’t possess is concern over environmental association.

With environmental sustainability and social welfare continuing to rise on the agenda, Swarovski Created Diamonds has long been setting the standard for absolute perfection in tune with the current consumer zeitgeist. These diamonds of the future underline not only Swarovski’s heritage, they underscore the house’s dedication to innovation and environmental issues.

By crafting their stones in ateliers, Swarovski Created Diamonds are able to reduce the ecological impact, while coincidentally being able to measure and sustain their demand of absolute perfection – the benchmark for all of their products. State-of-the-art technology enables Swarovski lab-grown diamonds to be created in a vast array of natural and contemporary colors, offset with a carbon-neutral footprint.

With these man-made treasures available in 19 different hues – the largest range in the market – each Swarovski stone is utterly unique, an individual masterpiece with its own personality and charm offering the consumer an opportunity to showcase their own imagination and creative expression.

Aligning striking beauty, timeless luxury, and next-generation technology, Swarovski Created Diamonds are a triumph of molecular engineering, and a feat of the imagination.

They do not merely emulate perfection, they achieve it.

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