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Titanium in Jewellery

Lately, titanium has become a hot commodity for jewellery purchases. Oddly enough, titanium has only recently come onto the jewellery market. It has previously been used heavily in the aerospace, defence, and computer industries. Its multi-functioning capability ensures this metal’s longevity in use and popularity.

Titanium is not only strong, light weight, and corrosion-resistant, but it is what the industry calls biocompatible. This last facet of the metal means it is able to be worn and will not react negatively with the wearer’s skin.

The lustre of titanium makes it an attractive setting for a variety of gemstones, or to be worn by itself. Because of its qualities, the casual admirer can easily be confused by this metal. Many people mistake a piece of titanium jewellery for white gold or platinum. This is part of the attractiveness of titanium in jewellery.

Unlike white gold or platinum, titanium is not nearly as expensive. This is mostly due to its abundance. Titanium is the ninth most common metal found in the earth’s crust. This ready supply and easy method of extraction makes the price of titanium affordable for the majority of jewellery shoppers.

When purchasing any piece of titanium jewellery, specifically rings, the buyer must take caution in the grade of titanium they are purchasing. Some internet companies and bricks-and-mortar stores are selling titanium jewellery that they are marketing as “aircraft grade.” These particular titanium alloys can prove difficult in cutting, shaping, and milling. While this is not necessarily a primary concern of most jewellery wearers, it becomes a major focus of attention if jewellery has to be removed in a medical emergency. It is recommended not to wear any piece of jewellery, particularly rings that cannot be cut by an Emergency medical technician’s tools. However, this should not necessarily deter anyone from purchasing titanium jewellery.

This hardy and brilliant metal is a wonderful combination with almost any gemstone. Because of its brilliance, titanium is also attractive by itself. Its lightweight nature makes titanium attractive to jewellers and jewellery aficionados alike. This characteristic makes titanium fairly easy to shape and mould. Its durability guarantees not only a lifetime of wear, but also the ability to stand up to almost any challenge a piece of jewellery may face in daily wearing.

Regardless of which quality attracts you to titanium, all of its characteristics make it a contender for the long haul.


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