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Wedding Bands: A Glossary

As if finding that perfect ring wasn’t hard enough, there are so many terms associated with engagement and wedding rings that it can be overwhelming. Read our glossary to empower you with knowledge before that all-important purchase.

What is an Eternity Ring? 10 Things You Didn’t Know...

Nothing says ‘I’m in this for the long haul’ like presenting your loved-one with an eternity ring. Often, couples give each other eternity rings for all sorts of romantic reasons, but have you ever wondered who started the whole thing and why we wear them on our wedding ring finger? Check out our eternity ring guide and list of 10 fascinating facts about these beautiful pieces.

Ring Sizing: A Guide

As many of our clients like to buy their rings online, they don’t always get a chance to try a ring on before they buy it.  That’s why we offer a complete ring size guide that can help you find the right fit.

Using an Old Diamond to Make a New Ring

There are a number of good reasons to take an old or heirloom diamond and set it in a new ring. Learn how you can reuse an old family diamond for a brand new ring.


Knowledge is power and here at Diamond Rocks we feel obliged to provide you with all the information on diamonds you need to begin shopping with confidence.

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