Can I See The Jewellery Before I Buy It?

Yes. Being office based, we can offer you the unique service of being able to view the items you see on our website in person. One of our experienced jewellery consultants will be able to advise you with any questions you may have. Visits are strictly by appointment only. Please note that although we have an extensive stock of diamonds that you can see in person, some of the diamonds are located in offices in America, Belgium, India, and Israel and are shipped to the UK once sold. This helps us offer you wide selection of diamonds from the best sources possible.

Can You Make Jewellery That I’ve Seen Elsewhere?

Yes we can. Any design or style of jewellery you have seen in the high street or another website can be made by us, usually at a lower cost due to owning our own manufacturing facility. This includes diamond and coloured stone jewellery. Simply email a picture of the jewellery to us at and we will contact you to discuss further the details about your specific jewellery piece. We also offer a bespoke design your own ring service. Any jewellery idea you have can be made into an actual jewellery piece.

Can You Make a Ring or Other Jewellery If There is Something I Like That Is Not on Your Website?

Yes. We can make any setting you like. All you have to do is simply send us an image, photo, or drawing by email to or bring it with you when you make an appointment. We will provide you with a quote before commencing any work. We can even make a ring that you have designed yourself.

Do You Provide Insurance Valuations?

Jewellery valuations are provided free of charge with our Diamond Engagement Rings and any other jewellery costing over £1000. For any items under £1000 it must be requested and there may be a small charge.

Should I Insure My Jewellery?

Yes! We strongly recommend that you insure your jewellery as soon as you receive it. Our diamond setters have many years of experience and setting is done to the highest possible standards. Any loss of diamonds will not fall under any guarantee from Diamond Rocks. Your home and contents insurance may not cover you for the loss, damage, or theft of a single valuable item of jewellery so separate coverage may be a good idea. We recommend obtaining a quote from experienced jewellery insurance specialists, T H March Insurance Solutions.

I Don’t Know The Ring Size – What Should I Do?

You can use our Ring Size Chart which will give you a good indication of size. Please contact us if you need any further help and we can guide you through some other ideas.

If I Need Some Advice, Who Can I Contact?

If you need help with choosing the right Diamond Engagement Ring, please feel free to contact us at any time during the decision process for advice. Our experts have been in the jewellery industry for 25 years so we can help you decide on a budget or help select the perfect piece of jewellery for any occasion.

Is The Jewellery Hallmarked?

Yes. All our jewellery is hallmarked at one of the UK’s Government Regulated Assay offices. UK Hallmarks are a sign of quality around the world.

What Guarantee Do You Offer?

Please review our Guarantee page for full details.

What Is Your Policy On Conflict Diamonds?

All the diamonds that we buy are traded under the Kimberly Process and are conflict free. We do not buy from any source that cannot verify the rough diamond has been cut by a participant of the Kimberly Process. All diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.