Maintenance of your diamond pieces is especially important in order to sustain that sparkling brilliance diamonds are known for. But care of your jewellery goes beyond simple cleaning methods. Read on for some basic suggestions for keeping your valuables just as beautiful as the day you received them.
Over time, build up can collect at the base of your diamonds, blocking light and causing them to appear dull. It is important to clean them regularly and carefully in order to maintain their appearance.

How to do it
The safest way is to soak the piece in some warm, mildly soapy water. Let the pieces soak for about ten minutes. Then, take a soft bristled brush and gently clean the piece. You will want to use soft bristles, since harder ones can damage the metal or setting arrangement. After the piece is cleaned, dry it with a soft cloth.

Some precautions
Beware of using products like ammonia or other chemicals to clean your diamonds. Though this is a popular method to clean them, if your diamonds have been fracture filled, this can actually create cloudiness over time, as the diamonds will begin to collect ammonia over time. Also, consider how you are storing your diamond pieces. If they are all lumped together in a jewellery box, make sure they are not rubbing or touching any other pieces. While diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, they can chip other diamonds or pieces of jewellery you may have with them in the box. If possible, store each piece separately. Regular and careful maintenance will ensure these pieces will be beautiful for years to come!