Background Information –

Black diamonds possess hydrogen atoms along with the normal carbon atoms. It is believed that they are not developed on earth; but rather, they had been produced in the hydrogen-rich atmosphere of space, and reached earth via an asteroid around 2.8 million years ago. The majority of diamonds are not black throughout, as they possess grey and dark grey shades as well. This is due to the varying amount of sulphides and imperfections within the surfaces.

Why Black Diamonds –

Black Diamonds are one of the hottest trends to hit the market in the last few years. From celebrity engagement rings to understated diamond stud earrings, the choices are endless. As the trend of Black Diamonds take off, fashion lovers everywhere are trying to incorporate these pieces into their wardrobe; however you don’t necessarily need to have a trendy engagement ring to make this look work. Here are three style categories you can consider when purchasing black jewellery:

Black & White Diamond Cluster Earstuds

  • Formal Elegance –Just like a little black dress is the essence of style, black diamonds can add a touch of sophistication to any look. Consider black diamonds the way to make any outfit “Black tie affair.” Black Diamond jewellery is especially stunning when paired with a more casual look, making the “high low” effect easy to achieve. This jewellery is the black stiletto of
    your wardrobe.
  • Edge (Think Rock Star and leather pants) – These diamonds bring a touch of class with attitude to anything in the closet. Break up a formal work outfit with the unexpected jar of a black diamond ring. Black diamonds keep everyone guessing what the mystery might be.
  • Men and Black Diamonds – One of the best qualities of diamonds are their sparkle, however black diamonds do not sparkle; instead they absorb light rather than reflecting it. The luminosity of a piece of black diamond jewellery can be uniquely suited to male taste. Refined, yet bold, black diamonds are sure to please the man in your life.

What makes Diamonds Black? –

Many people believe that black diamonds are manufactured and that it is this process which gives them this black hue, however this is incorrect. Black diamonds are mined from Central Africa or Brazil, and may instead have a stylish grey hue. These diamonds simply display a different crystalline structure from regular diamonds.
Because black diamonds are already “shaped” by nature in hundreds of small angles, crafting a black diamond for a setting takes true skill. Because of the crystalline carbon structure is one of the hardest structures on earth, it takes another diamond to cut this diamond, which takes skill as the black diamonds are likely to fracture during the shaping process. But, once the stone has been placed it is nearly indestructible. The method used to enhance black diamonds in today’s market do not make those diamonds fake, but merely apply the same process that would have occurred over thousands of years in a shorter time.

What’s the difference? –

Unlike most diamonds, Black Diamonds absorb light rather than give off light, so the sparkle associated with diamonds doesn’t occur. This doesn’t mean that these diamonds are “flat” and dull, but are instead luminescent.