0.30Cts Brilliant Diamond Grainset Wrap Ring In 18K White Gold

Traditionally you would find diamonds worn on the left hand of a woman or man. When a man proposes to a woman and gives her the diamond engagement ring, she wears it on the third finger of her left hand. When the rings were exchanged for weddings rings and later should couples choose, eternity rings, they would also be worn on the third finger of the left hand.

With that being said, a lot of new diamond jewellery being made nowadays is being designed to suit either the left or the right hand, and is being given as gifts to symbolize important events.
Diamond rings are undoubtedly a fashion statement, and finding the right one to suit your wardrobe should not be a problem. Depending on your personal preferences, you’ll be able to browse and shop for many different styles in jewellery retail stores or online.

Once you have picked out the ring you are looking for, you will want to have a basic understanding of the ring, and therefore being educated on the 4C’s of Diamonds will greatly benefit you during your shopping experience. Making sure you are getting the highest quality of diamonds from a reputable dealer will not be difficult once you understand the cut, clarity, and colour and carat weight of the diamond you are looking to purchase.