An eternity ring is considered to be a representation of the timeless love that a couple plans on sharing together. There are many reasons why an eternity ring might be given as a demonstration of one’s love such as an anniversary gift or perhaps a celebratory gift to mark a special moment in a relationship. Eternity rings can be dated back as many as 4,000 years in the past when Egyptians used them simply as a token of eternal love and life. These were simply a circle of metal that was designed to mimic the image of a snake devouring its own tail, which was a common symbol used to represent eternity.

When should you buy an eternity ring?

In more modern times an eternity ring is given to a wife by her husband to celebrate a certain milestone in a marriage. The eternity ring helps signify the time a couple has spent together along with the eternal future the couple plans on sharing together. Eternity rings can also have the meaning of the eternal circle of life so you will find that a new tradition has begun where a husband will give an eternity ring when their first child is born.

Couples may wonder when the right time to give an eternity ring as a gift will be. There is no exact timeline you should follow, however, most eternity rings have diamonds that go full circle around the band so a milestone like a 10 year anniversary may be appropriate. If you don’t feel like waiting that long, some specialist diamond jewellery shops say that the 1st year anniversary or the 5th year anniversary would be appropriate to give an eternity ring. This is totally up to the person who is buying the anniversary gift and the beauty of the eternity ring is that is represents eternal love and life, so any anniversary year would be perfect. This gives couples the chance to make it extra special to fit their symbolic meaning behind the eternity ring, giving the ring a chance of becoming an instant heirloom piece.