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Celebrity special: 10 famous coloured engagement rings

Every engagement ring proclaims a great love story that is unique to each couple. While a classic clear diamond is always a great option, sometimes choosing a coloured stone can add special value and meaning. Birthstones, favourite colours, and heirlooms are three ways coloured stones can be used to make your ring unique.

Here are 10 of the most famous coloured engagement rings that may inspire you to seek out coloured stones.


1. Blake Lively’s pink diamond

In 2012, Ryan Reynolds gave Lively a custom-made, light pink, oval-cut diamond ring to commemorate their love. This ring is worth a whopping £2 million and will be a timeless treasure.


2. Empress Josephine’s sapphire

Napoleon proposed to Josephine in 1795 with tear-shaped sapphire and diamond in a ‘you and me’ setting. This simple yet stunning ring was recently bought for £1 million at auction.


3. Halle Berry’s emerald

This hand-forged ring given to Berry by Oliver Martinez features an emerald in an unusual and striking setting. The £ 200,000 ring has Phoenician codes instead of an inscription that tell the couple’s love story. Sadly, their union didn’t last but her ring is timeless.


4. Jessica Simpson’s ruby

Eric Johnson proposed with an oversized ruby ring with diamonds on either side. The ruby is Simpson’s birthstone and is also the gem that symbolises love. The non-traditional ring has beauty that surpasses the £200,000 price tag.


5. Fergie’s cognac diamonds

This ring from Josh Duhamel features a wide band with a diamond in the centre surrounded by smaller cognac diamonds creating a starburst pattern. The unique style will certainly live up to the hefty cost of £90,000.


6. Kate Middleton’s sapphire

Perhaps one of the most famous rings of all time is currently on the finger of Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William gave the love of his life this one-of a-kind blue sapphire and diamond ring that once belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. Now valued at half a million dollars, the sentimental worth of this ring is priceless.


7. Mariah Carey’s pink diamond

To match her boisterous personality and style, Nick Canon chose an oversized pink diamond ring with diamonds all around the band. This is one of the largest and most expensive celebrity rings priced at £2.5 million.


8. Olivia Wilde’s emeralds

Jason Sudeikis proposed to Wilde with a gorgeous round diamond ring. The diamond is surrounded by emeralds to match Wilde’s eyes, giving this piece a special flair that is unmatched and making it priceless to the couple.


9. Carrie Underwood’s yellow diamond

Underwood’s canary yellow diamond engagement ring, given to her by Mike Fisher, features a large, round, yellow diamond encircled by smaller diamonds. Her wedding ring fits perfectly around the engagement ring, giving her set a truly stunning quality that is worth over £1 million.


10. Jackie Kennedy’s emerald

Of course, First Lady and style icon Jackie Kennedy had a fantastic engagement ring. John F. Kennedy proposed with a £1 million ring featuring a diamond and emerald at the centre surrounded by baguette diamonds. This is perhaps one of the most memorable engagement rings because of its unique and beautiful arrangement.

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