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10 Things You May Not Have Known About Diamonds

Sure you might be able to rattle off the 4 Cs of shopping for diamonds, and maybe you know the difference between a pear and a solitaire.

But here are ten interesting things about diamonds you may not know! 

  1. Diamond engagement rings are not a new idea! The first known diamond engagement ring dates back to 1477 when Mary of Burgandy got her rock from the Archduke of Austria.

  2. The word “diamond” is actually drawn from the Greek “adamas;” it means “unconquerable and indestructible.” Much like the way you might feel when wearing a stunning pair of diamond studs.

  3. While diamonds are mined out of the earth, most of the diamonds found today were brought up to the surface by a volcanic eruption – a hot trend indeed!

  4. Some people used to believe that diamonds had properties that people could draw on. Romans believed diamonds warded off evil. Others believed diamonds made the wearer invincible. But even a modern woman may wear her diamonds if she wants to feel that she’s increasing her strength and courage!

  5. That diamond you are wearing is really rarer than you realize. 80% of the world’s diamonds are actually unsuitable for making jewellery!

  6. Looking for a reason to celebrate? A “Diamond Jubilee” refers to a 60 or 75 year anniversary – truly something worth celebrating.

  7. Diamonds occur naturally in many colours. When they form near trace elements in the earth, they take on the hue provided by that element. The Hope Diamond contains boron, for example!

  8. That brilliant sparkle should remind you of twinkling stars. After all, some dwarf stars have a diamond core!

  9. The first use of diamonds was not for jewellery but for tools. Ancient Chinese sites indicate that diamonds were used for polishing burial axes.

  10. And last, while most people will think of diamond rings when they think of diamonds, the majority of the world’s use for diamonds still remains industrial! That’s right, more work still goes into making diamond tools than diamond earrings.
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