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Anniversary jewellery guide year by year, part 1

The engagement and wedding rings reflect important milestones in your love life. Why not continue that trend? This anniversary jewellery guide takes you through a comprehensive list of what type of gemstones represents your big years and makes it fun and easy. These gemstones are perfect for adding to any piece of jewellery, as well as cuff links and tie clips. Giving anniversary jewellery gifts is not just for 25 and 50 years anymore! In part 1, we take a look at years one to 20.


1st anniversary: gold

Gold is simple, inexpensive, and elegant for the honeymoon year.


2nd anniversary: garnet

Garnet comes in several colours, with red being the most popular. The red is especially beautiful set against white gold or platinum.


3rd anniversary: pearl

Natural pearls are more expensive than cultured, but they are equally beautiful. Pearls are more fragile than other gems, so be careful with rings.


4th anniversary: blue topaz

Blue Topaz is associated with love and affection, which makes it perfect as an anniversary gift with meaning.


5th anniversary: sapphire

Usually blue, sapphire can also be found in white, pink, violet, and orange. It is also very durable, making sapphire perfect for any piece of jewellery.

6th anniversary: amethyst

This gorgeous stone is widely available in jewellery and other decorative ornaments.


7th anniversary: onyx

Very popular in men’s jewellery, onyx is bold and looks great against a white background, such as platinum or white gold.


8th anniversary: tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in almost every colour, even in parti-coloured gems, where you can find your and your sweetheart’s favourite colours in one.


9th anniversary: lapis lazuli

This blue stone is used in the feng shui practice, which is a Chinese method of using natural and supernatural forces to balance energy.


10th anniversary: diamond

Although each anniversary is significant and unique, this is often considered the first big milestone in a marriage – congratulations! Diamond jewellery is classic and, well, forever. Simple diamond eternity rings to add to your wedding band are popular.


11th anniversary: turquoise

Easy for men and women, pair this blue-green gem with leather or sterling silver for the best enhancement.


12th anniversary: jade

Most commonly found in green, this gem is typically carved into beads for necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It can also be found in a cabochon or round dome shape for a ring or pendant.


13th anniversary: citrine

Citrine works well with any colour metal, making it very versatile in jewellery making.


14th anniversary: opal

Opal is an extremely beautiful gem that is a perfect focal point in any piece of jewellery or other ornament.


15th anniversary: ruby

Rubies symbolise love and passion, making them perfect for this milestone anniversary.


16th anniversary: peridot

Peridot comes in a variety of shades of green and it is enhanced by yellow or white metals. Be careful with rings, as this is a soft gemstone that can easily scratch.


17th anniversary: watches

Watches are the ultimate anniversary gift of, offering both beauty and functionality. 


18th anniversary Cat’s Eye

In a cabochon cut, this gem often has dark lines that catch the light and look like a cat’s eye!


19th anniversary: aquamarine

Aquamarine is a symbol of fidelity and hope, which, of course, brings great luck on your anniversary!


20th anniversary: emerald

This is a big year in any relationship   ̶  here’s to 20 more! Emeralds are fragile, so consider them special occasion, rather than everyday, pieces.

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