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Anniversary jewellery guide year by year, part 2

The second half of this two-part series features a jewellery guide for anniversaries 21-80. Here, you will find which gem corresponds with each anniversary, making jewellery gift-buying simple and exciting! If you missed the gems for your first 20 years of marriage, some of the gemstones are repeated later in these benchmark anniversaries – so splurge and have fun; you and your loved one deserve it!


21st anniversary: iolite

This gemstone can be difficult to find as it is often overshadowed by other blue-violet gemstones. Finding a beautiful piece of jewellery with iolite is sure to delight. A jewellery guide for anniversaries can be quite helpful.


22nd anniversary: spinel

Spinel can be found in many colours, though it’s often overshadowed by other gemstones. It is very durable and affordable, making it perfect as a centre or accent stone in any piece of jewellery.


23rd anniversary: imperial topaz

This topaz has a colour range that is likened to cognac. Consider finding an imperial topaz ring and toast to your 23rd anniversary with a bottle of fine brandy!


24th anniversary: tanzanite

This blue-violet gem pairs perfectly with white gold, platinum, or sterling silver.


25th anniversary: silver 

This is a huge milestone in a relationship, really all your next anniversaries are! 25 years of love is commemorated with the silver jubilee so choose some fine silver jewellery for your sweetheart.


30th anniversary: pearl

Also the gemstone for the third anniversary, pearls are formed in layers, just like your three-decade-long relationship! If you skipped the three-year gift, now is the time to show your love through the lovely and versatile pearl.


35th anniversary: emerald

Since this is the same as the 20-year anniversary gift, consider getting a piece of jewellery to match! Emeralds truly embody the timeless beauty of a long love.


40th anniversary: ruby

Ruby shows up again on the list, as it is an emblem of love and passion. Ruby jewellery will forever show your intimacy.


45th anniversary: sapphire

Denoting faithfulness and sincerity, sapphire jewellery is a perfect choice to celebrate 45 years of wedded bliss.


50th anniversary: gold

The golden anniversary – cheers! How appropriate for the classic gold to come back to play in this anniversary guide. It is easy to find any jewellery in gold, even in non-traditional colours, like rose gold.


55th anniversary: alexandrite

This beautiful gem has the unique ability to shift colour depending on the light, making it perfect for a piece of jewellery that the wearer can see, like a ring or pendant on a long necklace.


60th anniversary: diamond

The diamond is another classic, timeless gemstone that is perfect for such a significant anniversary.


70th anniversary: platinum

Platinum is so versatile and durable. Give a simple piece of platinum jewellery to honour how it was simply love that got you to this point, or adorn it with other stones to show the variety of experiences you have shared.


80th anniversary: ruby

The ruby again? Yes, it is such an important symbol of love and passion that it is in this guide three times to make sure that everyone in love has ruby jewellery.

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