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Best necklace lengths for your favorite necklines

The right accessories can take an ensemble from ordinary to exquisite. A poor choice will just drag your outfit down. Choosing the right necklace length for your neckline is the beginning of creating an outfit that gets all the right attention.

Not every neckline can handle the statement necklaces that have become so popular. There is no “one size fits all” necklace, no matter how beautiful it may be. Whether it’s a dramatic diamond or a simple stone, it has to complement your neckline first. Here are some tips to guarantee you’re making the most of your valuable jewels.


Long and luscious

Long necklaces are lovely and lux. They elongate your lines and that little bit of swing adds so much to your look. They look their best with a few particular necklines:

  • Turtlenecks: a long chain or heavy pendant looks great with a high neck.
  • Boat necks: the width of a boat neckline is nicely balanced by a long necklace. 


Make a statement

Shorter statement necklaces with lots of glitz and glitter are a huge trend. You need to frame them with the right neckline to bring out their best. Try these:

  • Crew necks: a simple crew neck gets a style boost from a big necklace. Just make sure it falls just below your top’s neckline.
  • Scoop necks: a low neckline leaves plenty of room for a fab necklace.
  • Asymmetric necks: an off-the-shoulder neck or one-shoulder top gains a little balance with a fun statement piece.
  • Strapless tops: furnish the space left by a strapless top with something interesting. This will bring the attention away from your bust and back to your face.



A pretty pendant has classic style. Pair this item with a neckline based on similar shapes.

  • Square necklines: put an angular pendant with a square neckline to echo the shape.
  • V-necks: a teardrop, triangle or other bottom-heavy pendant makes the most of a v-neck.
  • Collared tops: a collared shirt already has a lot of visual interest near your face, but a simple pendant, perhaps a shining diamond, will lend a needed touch of femininity.


Something else

Sometimes, a necklace isn’t right for an outfit. If your neckline is large or heavy (like a cowl or funnel neck), or if your outfit is already dramatic (like a beaded or embroidered fabric), you really don’t need to add a necklace. Statement earrings or a wide cuff bracelet might be a better addition. Accessorise well and you’ll have style to spare. You don’t have to go to great lengths to elevate your look.




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