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Blue Diamonds: Uncommonly Beautiful

Perhaps one of the most infamous blue diamonds is the Hope Diamond. Also called the King’s Diamond, anyone who has seen an image of this stone can understand why. The brilliance, sparkle and unusual nature of this stone cemented its place in history.

Now, blue diamonds are being snapped up by discerning buyers to add a bit of sexy mystery to one’s jewellery. Like many coloured diamonds, the blue diamond gets its colour from elements found in nature, in this case trace elements of boron. Blue diamonds are relatively more difficult to find in nature, which is why the Hope Diamond was such a stunning find.

Current methods help enhance a diamond by intensifying its colour through a scientific process involving irradiation and intense heat, doing in a short time what Nature took many centuries to create. Contrary to what some might believe, this doesn’t make these blue diamonds fake. This process does not change the diamond or hide its natural markings. It simply enhances the colour. And in doing that, makes blue diamond jewellery within the budget of many aspiring owners.

One of the most popular trends for blue diamonds is the blue diamond solitaire ring. These stones also look absolutely stunning in an earring setting. With some fancy blue diamonds being among the most coveted of diamond stones, these prices are not cheap – but they’re also still within range. With modern technology and a discerning eye, the determined fashionista can have her very own personal Hope Diamond minus the hefty price tag!



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