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How Can You Keep Your Diamonds Clean and Sparkling ?

Diamonds are prized possessions, which are generally bought and presented with some great meaning or emotion. They are often handed down through the family for generations or they can be treated as great investments.

One thing is certain, though, diamonds are most valuable when they are cleaning and sparkling. Unfortunately, the oil on human hands and skin has a tendency to dull a diamond’s sparkle. It creates a film that prevents the light from bouncing around within the facets of the stone.

In order to prevent this dulling, there are a few measures that can be taken, right within your own home.  

  1. Don’t Handle More than Necessary - Obviously when putting on and taking off your jewellery, you can’t help but touch it. However, the more you make contact with the diamond, the more of your oil will be rubbed off on it. So, only touch the stone when absolutely necessary.

  2. Do Clean the Stone - Don’t be afraid to regularly clean your diamond. This will remove the oil, dirt, and grime that can build up on its surface. Window cleaner (which has an ammonia base) is a wonderful option for those who do not have traditional jewellery cleaner on hand. Be sure to use a very soft brush (such as a toothbrush) to lightly polish the surface. Recall the amount of money that was invested when buying the diamond and fork over the few dollars to buy a brand new, soft bristled tooth brush, rather than recycling an old one. Use a very light touch, so as not to loosen the setting.

  3. Consider Investing in an Ultrasonic Cleaner - These devices keep water moving at a regular rate and can wash away oil without the need for a potentially abrasive brush.  Do recall, though, that this type of cleaning is not always recommended for fragile settings and is something you should discuss with your jeweler before making the investment.
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