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Caring for Emerald Rings

Emeralds are a stunning addition to anyone’s jewellery box. Rarer than diamonds, some emeralds can be quite pricey, while others are available to a more moderate budget. Whether synthetic or natural, the process of creating an emerald is exactly the same, and they rapidly become a treasured item.

Emeralds do have issues that differ from diamonds, though, and so they need particular care in order to look their best. Rarer, but not as hard, Emeralds may be more rare than diamonds, but they are certainly not as hard as diamonds. Because they are more delicate in nature, it is important to realize how easily an emerald can be cracked or chipped.

Ensure the life of your precious gemstone by taking care that it isn’t rattling around in a jewellery box. Other jewels, especially diamonds, can cause cuts and nicks on gemstones that could easily be avoided by preserving the piece in its own box or otherwise ensuring it will not rub against other jewellery.

Never wear gemstones like emeralds while doing difficult chores that may cause you to nick or damage the piece or while using chemicals. Chemicals can alter the colour of your gemstone and most certainly degrade the setting. Even common household cleaning and garden chemicals can alter a piece over time. In fact, emeralds attract grease and soap. These can accumulate on an emerald over time and cause it to avoid its lustre. Avoid swimming in a chlorine pool with your emerald setting.

The proper way to clean your emerald jewellery is with mild soap and warm water. Use a soft brush to scrub it, and that will ensure your emerald remains beautiful for a lifetime!


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