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Chain necklaces

Men’s jewellery has become a major part of the jewellery industry as more and more jewellery designers are creating and marketing their specific brands and styles of jewellery towards men with both gold and diamond jewellery.

For centuries men have worn and wanted jewellery just as much as women, even though this may come as a bit of a surprise to some. One particular type of men’s jewellery that has been very popular dating back to ancient times would be chains.

Men’s chains come in a variety of different materials, sizes, and styles. If you are trying to find the right one for that special man in your life or if you are buying a chain for yourself, you will want to take a moment to learn as much as you can about the different types of chains available so you can make an informed decision about which style would suit your needs best.

Chains are made of simple metals like silver, stainless steel, and gold. When you are thinking about getting a chain you have the following styles to choose from:

Cable style is a simple, clean looking chain that is sometimes called the standard chain and has oval links all of the same size and hooked to one another.

Rolo is a chain that has individual round or oval links linked together. It is similar to a cable chain but has slightly thicker rings.

Figaro is a very stylish chain type that many men favor. There are three short links in a pattern that recurs with one another until they reach another single long link.

A rope chain is also a very common and popular chain among men and can easily be identified by the spiral look and heavy feel to it.

A Herringbone chain is a fat, short, tilted links that has the same look as the spine of a herring.

These are some of the more popular chains that you will find when you are shopping for chains. There are a lot of other styles of chains out there and if you look around enough you will find that chains like wheat chains which have oval links that are tied together with twisted oval links which create the look of wheat making it a very eye catching chain.

There’s also the foxtail chain which is another eye catching piece that has oval links that are small in size and face each other and are connected by a flat row going toward the centre.

Curb Chain is an oval shaped link that is twisted to give it a diamond cut look and lay flat on the skin.

Other different styles of chains out there are omega, snake, Venetian or box chain, byzantine chain, and serpentine chain so you will have to find the look that is right for your personal style.


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