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How to choose the right diamond cufflinks

Diamond cufflinks make a handsome and impressive gift. They’re an excellent choice the night before a wedding, for instance – they look great with a tuxedo. They also make good anniversary gifts for someone who attends fashionable events often. Yet, there’s not as much men’s jewellery made as women’s. Buyers may find themselves at a loss when comparing different cufflinks and which ones will go best with a man’s wardrobe.


Choose the diamond first

One of the easiest ways to begin narrowing down your choices is to decide on what type of diamond you’d like. Large, white diamonds without flaws are the most sought-after, though don’t feel like you have to cap your search at these. Cufflinks with coloured diamonds can be exquisite, though they’re made far more rarely.

Given the demand for women’s jewellery is more considerable, coloured stones are usually saved for necklaces, rings, and even earrings. Coloured diamonds in a cufflink can make a striking statement. Even though cufflinks are relatively small accents for event clothing, the right cufflinks can be the single most visible article of clothing in a room. If you find cufflinks with coloured diamonds and they seem like a good fit, don’t wait to snatch them up!

All this said, cufflinks are most often made with smaller, white diamonds. Round diamonds are some of the most frequently used for good reason – the shape serves well in cufflink form and strikes a very current air. Some feature square diamonds or emerald-cut diamonds – these stand out well and are more classical in style.


Select the right setting style

There are two things to be aware of in settings. The first is more obvious: this is style. As we mentioned above, single large diamonds are excellent choices. These you’ll want in a bezel setting – this means the stone is set within the metal of the cufflink.

If you choose a cufflink featuring multiple diamonds, you’ll want a pavé setting. Pavé and bezel settings are smooth, and are thus unlikely to snag or tear your clothing.


Select the metal that matches

This is the second part of selecting a setting, and it might be the most fun element of selecting cufflinks – the metal it’s made from. Know the stone you want, and have a good idea of what will match the wardrobe the cufflinks are meant for.

Each choice of setting material is different – it holds a different hue, feel, and reflects light differently from the next material. Don’t rush when it comes to selecting the metal. Yellow gold is one of the most popular choices and strikes the eye well alongside a diamond.

The materials that will last longest and resist any hint of tarnish are stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten. Alternately, aim for platinum, sterling silver, or the brilliance of white gold if you want a more traditional silver hue.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, though. Is there a jewellery metal you think would strike even better with the diamond you’ve chosen – rose gold, perhaps?

Be bold in your choices and he’ll appreciate your inventiveness. Now, cufflinks can also be made with unique metalwork or with additional or different kinds of gemstones. This is a good opportunity to be creative with what you think will look good on him.

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