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Choosing a Half Eternity Ring or a Full Eternity Ring

Eternity rings go back centuries and are said to signify the eternal love and life that a couple will share together. Eternity rings are a beautiful way for a couple to symbolise their unique friendship, relationship, and love they have for one another.

No matter what the occasion might be, presenting your loved one with an eternity ring with a stunning circle of stones will surely help to embed the moment in the memory. Whether the couple is celebrating a milestone in their marriage, the birth of a child, or any other special occasion, an eternity ring is the perfect gift option.

Choosing an eternity ring as a gift is the easy part, picking out what style will be more time consuming and intricate.

There are two different styles in which you can get your eternity ring created. You can get a full eternity ring set and a half eternity ring set. There should not be any difference between the metal and the width of the band when dealing with eternity rings except for the way the stones, which are usually diamonds, are set.

A full eternity ring has the diamonds going all the way around including the underside of the band making it a truly exquisite delight to look at and giving it a luxurious appeal that will accurately speak from the heart.

On the other hand, a half eternity ring has less than a full circle of stones usually just on the face of the band. When you are looking at both styles of eternity rings you will be able to see the truly unique design of the eternity ring because there is no single focal point or difference in band width.

There are many different occasions you will be able to use an eternity ring for irrespective of whether it is a full or half eternity ring.

Another main factor when deciding between a half eternity ring and a full eternity ring is that you are more likely to find half eternity rings more readily available. A full eternity ring can’t be resized very easily. The reason for this is because there are diamonds or other stones going all the way around the band and heating the band up to resize it may cause some of the stones to become loose and fall out. Therefore, most full eternity rings are custom made to order and are usually a bit more expensive. You need to make sure that you know the exact size you want the ring to be if you choose to go with a full eternity ring.


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